Holiday Business People

There is something genuine that shines through the upcoming holidays—whether it’s a time of personal thanksgiving, or celebrating a long-awaited gift from God. In the flurry of preparations, sometimes the light is quenched by the press of Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. But even behind these retail extravaganzas there are real people taking and filling orders, waiting on you at the cash register, and serving your food. Yes, there are business owners hoping to bring their balance sheets into the black, but behind this activity are parents, spouses, children and the hope for the genuine that shines through the activity.

So, as you press into the crowds this year, take a breath, . . . be present, . . . look into the eyes, . . . or hear the voices of those you encounter. These are whole people who are also looking for the genuine that shines through the holidays. Realize that when you support local retailers you are not only receiving what you want, but intentionally giving into the lives and families of those shopkeepers. Wherever you go, . . . be there—for them.