Our people produce our success. We are committed to recruiting, training, mentoring, retaining, and promoting the best attorneys, paralegals, and support staff to enable us to provide thoughtful and innovative solutions to issues our clients face and to obtain the best results possible for our clients.


Morris Wade Richardson

Wade Richardson’s success as a trial attorney is a result of the good judgment, wisdom, and experience he brings to

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Shara G. Haden

Shara Haden focuses her practice on defending businesses and individuals in trial and appellate litigation. She brings to her practice

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David E. Malick

Dave Malick manages an international trademark portfolio and copyright matters for a major manufacturer and is also engaged in a

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Darrell L. Cartwright

Darrell Cartwright is a practicing attorney with extensive experience representing businesses of all sizes and their owners and employees. His

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Charles T. Grimes

Charley Grimes is a trial attorney with over 25 years of experience representing corporate clients in all phases of high-exposure

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Shellie RichardsonDirector of Marketing and Business Administration

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Christina MaloneParalegal

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Liz H. ColemanParalegal

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Serena P. WesleyLegal Assistant

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Cathryn D. PittsLegal Assistant

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