Trial Practice

At RichardsonClement PC, we measure our own success by the success of our clients. We focus on long-term relationships and are selective in our client base. Our clients include prominent companies, business leaders, families, and personalities in matters where substantial issues and damages are at stake. Our strong litigation and risk-management background enables us to assist our clients with a wide variety of matters ranging from “bet-the-company” litigation to general tort, business, and contractual disputes.

Our client focus is on a select group of self-insured corporate clients or those companies with sufficient self-insured retention to control their litigation.

We handle high profile cases on behalf of our existing clients as a top-shelf litigation firm capable of handling such matters effectively and being able to deal with the media in a credible way. We have a history of success in high-profile or important litigation on behalf of our clients and can provide references upon request.

Our work includes all types of litigation, from catastrophic injuries or events to the enforcement of contracts, noncompete agreements, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, social media, and other intellectual property rights. We handle all types of personal and property injury claims including negligence, wantonness, premises liability, workers’ compensation, employers’ liability, including those under the Federal Employers Liability Act, product liability, fraud, bad faith, privacy, outrage, defamation, interference with business and contractual relations, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, conversion, trespass, nuisance, wrongful death, vicarious liability, and conspiracy claims. We represent our clients in a broad spectrum of disputes because the principal skill and talent we bring to the table is our judgment and wisdom, and the ability to obtain good, successful outcomes in a courtroom or before a mediator/arbitrator in a variety of disputed matters.

RichardsonClement PC is experienced at trying lawsuits. We have no interest in pursuing issues and spending time (and money) on matters in pretrial discovery that will make no ultimate difference to a judge or jury in deciding the case. We use pretrial discovery as a tool to prepare for trial and to help us tell our story to a jury, with a clear focus on obtaining a successful outcome. We use technology to leverage our work, to quickly grasp facts and issues, and to develop presentations that can influence decision makers in the case, whether it be the other side, a judge, or a jury.

We conduct jury research, focus groups, and simulated trials, using our own internal proprietary methods, which efficiently and inexpensively help us, and our clients, evaluate the case. We use our jury research to enable us and our clients to effectively evaluate issues and cases, and to improve our presentation, themes, and theory of the case.

We have a successful appellate practice before both State and Federal Courts. We also have an extensive, effective appellate practice before administrative judges on both the State and Federal level.

RichardsonClement PC dedicates a portion of its practice to commercial litigation. We handle cases involving breach of contract, business torts, corporate governance matters, officer and director disputes, shareholder claims, accounting malpractice, intellectual property, trade secrets, covenants not to sue, executive employment litigation, construction and real estate litigation, employment discrimination, premises liability, product liability, professional liability, company investigations and workers’ compensation. We also have experience representing industries involved in transportation, shipping, railroads, mining, and banking. We provide exceptional representation during all phases of complex commercial litigation by presenting our client’s position through effective written motions and briefs, oral advocacy to the court, and trial to a jury. We also have a global network of attorneys ready to address transnational issues.

We have been recognized by members of the bar as leading trial lawyers with AV Preeminent Martindale-Hubble lawyer ratings. RichardsonClement PC has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as “Best Law Firms” and been listed in The World’s Premier Guide of “Best Lawyers” and Birmingham Magazine’s peer review list of Top Lawyers.

We are committed to excellence and covenant with our clients that if they are not satisfied with our service, we will not accept payment for those services. Although we cannot guarantee results, we do condition all fees on our clients’ satisfaction with our service.